Meet our Directors

Steve Symes

Founder and CEO

Steve has been involved in system software development and management since the 1980s. After completing a BSc degree in computer science at the University of Natal and UNISA, he has been actively involved in the design, development and implementation of software solutions for the insurance industry. This experience has outlined the need for structured development processes, and the importance of data analysis, especially in the insurance sector. The opportunity to develop a customer-centric insurance management platform for a European insurer in 1997 was the start of Genasys Technologies, and what was to become SKi® (Software Key to Insurance). He lives with his wife and dogs in Somerset West, Cape Town, but spends most of his time in Johannesburg.

“Steve is passionate about fairness in business and life.”

Eugene Wessels

Managing Director

Eugene joined Genasys in 2010, building on his 20 years’ experience in the insurance industry. He ensures the smooth running of day-to-day operations with a focus on sales and customer support for all Genasys software. He holds a BSc (Hons) in mathematical statistics and a post-graduate diploma in management practice. Eugene is also an avid outdoor person and enjoys spending his free time in the bushveld or scuba diving.

“Eugene recently completed his second Iron Man triathlon.” 

Craig Olivier

Head of Sales and Business Development

Craig Olivier has been at the heart of Genasys for almost 20 years and was part of the original team that started the development of SKi®. After finishing his studies in software design, he joined Genasys, where he quickly climbed the ranks to become the youngest director in the company. He started his career at Genasys as a developer and subsequently headed up the development team before moving into a more client-facing role. He has 20 years’ extensive experience in South African, UK and African short-term insurance compliance requirements.

“Craig currently heads up the sales and new business development teams, with the focus of positioning the technology and the SKi® platform in existing and new client opportunities.” 

André Symes

Chief Operating Officer

André initially held the reigns as head of the marketing division but after his appointment as COO in 2016 he has been instrumental in smoothing the operating procedures for the company. He is passionate about the development of SMEs, particularly in creating operating platforms, workflows and driving efficiencies using technology. His vision for the company is very much aligned with the benefits that our primary product, SKi®, offers to clients.

“André has been involved with the setup and development of several technology-based businesses, including hardware, help-desk support, networking and the innovative UI software and solutions.”

Ben du Preez

Group CIO and Genasys Software Solutions MD

His passion for technology quickly made him an integral part of the design team. As Group CIO and MD of Genasys Software Solutions, his focus lies squarely with the future direction and maintenance of the core SKi® Platform. Due to Ben’s research and eternal interest in international industry trends around the world, the Genasys SKi® offering has stayed ahead of tech trends and the daily enhancements in technology.

“Ben joined the Genasys team, fresh out of Stellenbosch University, as a junior developer in 2001. ”

Leoni Symes


Leoni joined the IT industry in 1985 as a systems developer in the financial department of a computer bureau that provided services to the South African National Defence Force, among others. In the following decade, she gained financial systems experience at a major bank and retailer, respectively. As a founding member of Genasys, Leoni has been involved in all aspects of the business, including web design (in Italian!) and implementing policies and procedures pertinent to the growth of Genasys Technologies.

“Leoni’s passion is people, and much of her energy is focussed on the ongoing development of people by empowering them with new skills.”

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Gavin Routledge

Board Member

Seasoned captain of industry Gavin Routledge was appointed to the board of Genasys Technologies in 2007. He has been involved in mergers and acquisitions and the structuring of financial transactions since 1982. He holds a BA.LLB and a Higher Certificate in Tax Law. Gavin has served on the board of Hollard, African Bank Investments and Melville Douglas Investment Management, a subsidiary of Standard Private Bank, and has extensive experience in the insurance industry. He still serves as chairman of JSE-listed Clientele, Clientele Life Assurance Company, and Clientele General Insurance.

“Gavin works with the Genasys directors and managers in furthering the company’s success going forward.” “ 

"A company is a group organized to create a product or service, and it is only as good as its people and how excited they are about creating."

-Elon Musk

Our Partners


The Genasys Technologies culture fosters growth and resilient relationships, in terms of our staff and clients. CEO Steve Symes often says, “Never forget to have fun”, and stresses the importance of keeping a balance between fun and hard work, which, along with the cultivation of incomparable talent at Genasys, forms the cornerstone of the company ethos.

Each employee at Genasys is handpicked from all walks of life, enriching the company with their unique personalities and brilliant minds. A culture of interaction and shared ideas, one that fosters happy and content employees, inevitably leads to happy clients. Whether doing the Warrior Race with colleagues, inviting your family to join in on a hike with your team mates, having a food truck pull up outside the office offering free lunch, massage therapists arriving at the office to give hand and neck massages to all the staff, sharing pizza’s and donuts after successful projects have gone live or enjoying a game of pool or table tennis over drinks on a Friday afternoon, Genasys Technologies really is a one of a kind company. Staff are invited to nominate monthly award winners for going the extra mile, long service staff join the Honors (five years) and Platinum (10 years) clubs’ on their anniversaries where they enjoy exclusive events and rewards, and monthly events to thank the staff for their loyalty. “Special” events such as Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Youth Day, Women’s Day, Spring Day and Christmas are celebrated with eats and treats and the occasional dress up. And our mascot GG is never far from the action!

Corporate Social Investment

At Genasys Technologies we believe in enriching the lives of the people in the communities we work in, and are involved in several projects.

  • Genasys Mofolo Knights

    We proudly sponsor three local soccer teams: the U13, U15 and 1st teams of the Genasys Mofolo Knights. The juniors compete in the Pimville Klipspruit Zonal League while the seniors compete in the Soweto Local Football Association league. We sponsor the teams’ kit, equipment, transport and league fees, and are very proud of these youngsters for how their potential has been improving on and off the field.

  • CANSA Shavathon

    Genasys is proud to be one of the many companies in South Africa who participates in this annual event held by the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA).

  • Local old-age homes

    For Valentine’s Day, we drove a chocolate bar collection and shared more than 170 bars, or slabs, with residents from the Cencit Resthaven in Strand and the Floroma Old Aged Home and Frail Care Centre in Roodepoort.

  • Local children

    We collected marshmallow Easter eggs for the children from the Durban Deep informal settlement in Roodepoort and the Hottentots Holland hospital children's ward in Somerset West.

  • IIG Spinathon

    The Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG) launched their annual Spinathon in 2016 to raise funds for an industry-wide educational bursary fund to accelerate the transformation of the insurance industry. This drive focuses on providing educational opportunities to deserving individuals. Genasys Chief Operating Officer, André Symes, has put himself to the test at both events by spending 24 hours on bike in 2016 and 9 hours in 2017.

  • Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer

    Another first for Genasys. We will be hosting our first Party of Hope for Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer in September 2018. The organization raises funds through Parties of Hope, to help these fighters with treatments, prosthesis, or special wishes.

  • Women's Day

    The women from Genasys Cape Town, and Johannesburg, will be showing their support for the fight against cancer by taking to the streets for a 5-km run on Women’s Day in August.

  • Movember

    The gents love this one and the women get to have a good laugh at the 80s-style moustaches sported around the office. Movember raises funds for research and treatment for cancers specific to men.

  • Santa’s Shoebox Project

    A favorite annual event among the Genasys staff members, who are divided into teams and must each purchase the items required for a Santa Shoebox, which is given to a less fortunate child: toothpaste, a tooth brush, bar of soap, wash cloth, outfit of clothing, education supplies, and sweets and toys.

  • Santa Cause for Paws

    Genasys will be joining this initiative in 2018 for the first time. As the name says, this drive provides to animals who are currently without a permanent home. Each box contains two delicious edibles, one plaything, something useful and warm, and an option of adding a gift for the staff and volunteers who look after the shelter animals.